Friday 09/30/2011

Skill: Med Ball Warm-up

WOD: AMRAP in 20 minutes

5x Handstand Push-ups
10x Toes to Bar
15x Deadlifts (m:135#/f:95#)

Touching up the foundation movements pays off everytime! Let’s make it a habit to re-visit this once a week.

Monday 09/26/2011

Skill: Kettlebell Snatch

WOD: 5 rounds for time:
50x Double unders
15x pull-ups & 15x ring dips (or 5x Muscle ups )
40x Double unders
 12x pull-ups & 12x ring dips (or 4x Muscle ups)
30x Double unders
9x pull-ups & 9x ring dips (or 3x Muscle ups )
20x Double unders
 6x pull-ups & 6x ring dips (or 2x Muscle ups )
10x Double unders
3x pull-ups & 3x ring dips (or 1x Muscle ups)

Saturday 09/24/2011

Partner WOD: 1 round for time

Sore is Sixty

Partner shared reps, but only one performs the movement at a time. Partners must run together.
400 m run
60x Wall balls (20#/15#)
60x Box Jumps (24″/20″)
60x Back Extenstions
60x V-ups
60x Push-ups
60x Knees to Elbows
60x Weighted Lunges with DB (35#/20#)
400 m run

Friday 09/23/2011

Here’s a pic of good boys that always remember to post their times/rounds.

WOD: 3 rounds for time

21 – 15 – 9x Overhead Squats (m:95#/f:65#)
9 – 15 – 21x Kettlebell Swings (m:55#/f:35#)
400 m run

Thursday 09/22/2011

Happy Birthday Joonee!!

Active Recovery Day:
Make up a missed WOD or practice skill and technique.

After athletic competition or a hard workout, it would seem that complete rest would be the best way to encourage recovery. However, research is beginning to find some advantages in active recovery. Active recovery refers to engaging in low-intensity exercise after workouts. There are two forms of active recovery. One is during the cool-down phase immediately after a hard effort or workout. The second form of active recovery includes the days following a competition or other intense workout. Research is growing on the benefits of both types of active recovery.