Saturday 09/24/2011

Partner WOD: 1 round for time

Sore is Sixty

Partner shared reps, but only one performs the movement at a time. Partners must run together.
400 m run
60x Wall balls (20#/15#)
60x Box Jumps (24″/20″)
60x Back Extenstions
60x V-ups
60x Push-ups
60x Knees to Elbows
60x Weighted Lunges with DB (35#/20#)
400 m run

10 Replies to “Saturday 09/24/2011”

  1. The Smart Fambam

    Maricel & Kaesie
    20:10 RX’d
    This WOD was awesome (those lunges almost got me on the throw up board!)

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