October 2011 archive

Tuesday “CFT” 11/1/11

CrossFit Totals Day! Find your 1 rep max: Squat Press Deadlift Details on how to achieve your 1 rep max or beat your PR will be explained during the WOD. Wow, below is the before pic of the box. Seems like yesterday.

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Monday 10/31/2011

Was good times last Saturday. A lot of creativity in your costumes and some just plain crazy. Good stuff all!! Reminder – Only 5PM and 6PM sessions tonight. WOD for 7PM is to observe Halloween by spending time with family and friends! Just a heads up… CrossFit Totals this Tuesday! Can’t believe it’s already been …

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Saturday 10/29/2011

Team WOD: AMRAP in 15min 200 m overhead weighted run (m:45#/f:25#) time clock rotation Deadlift (m:155#/f:95#) DB shoulder to overhead (m:35/f:25#) KB Russian twists (m:35#/f:25#) Squats

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Friday 10/28/2011

Don’t forget! Costume WOD Contest this Saturday!! 1st place prizes will be awarded for both the mens and females. See LIVE! Calendar for more details. WOD: For time 30 HSPU 40 Pull-ups 50 KB Swings (m:55#/f:35#) 60 Sit-ups 70 Burpee 80 Double-unders  

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Thursday 10/27/2011

Active Recovery/Rest Day! Make up a missed WOD or practice skill. Note: There will be no 7PM session on Halloween (Monday, October 31)    

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Wednesday 10/26/2011

Skill/Strength: Snatch Balance 4-4-3-2-2x WOD: Start with 400 m run 5 rounds: 5x Power Snatch (m:95#/f:65#) 10x Overhead Squats 15x Toes to Bar end with 400 m run

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Tuesday 10/25/2011

Skill: Clean High-pulls 5 – 5 – 5 – 5x WOD (2012 OC Throwdown WOD #2): For time 15x Squat Cleans (m:155#/f:105#) 30x Pull-ups 12x Squat Cleans 24x Pull-ups 9x Squat Cleans 18x Pull-ups

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Monday 10/24/2011

Great job Genie, Chris, and Vic at Barbells For Boobs yesterday!! Proud to see you guys participating in an awesome cause!! Way to represent CrossFit LIVE! Friendly reminder!!! Halloween Costume WOD Contest this Saturday, October 29! See LIVE! Event Calendar for more info. Skill: Practice technique/weakness WOD: AMRAP in 15 min 10 DU’s Sprint 100 m …

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Saturday 10/22/2011

Team WOD – Groups of 5: AMRAP in 15 min DB Farmers carry 200m (m:55#/f:35#) = Time clock for rotation Knees to Elbows Ring Push-ups Wall Balls (m:20#/f:15#) Jumping Lunges

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Friday 10/21/2011

Skill: Agility warm-up WOD: for time “Helen” 3 Rounds for time: 400 m run 21x KB Swings (m:55#/f:35#) 12x Pull-ups

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