Saturday 10/08/2011

Partner WOD: for time

400 m run
30x Medball Cleans (m:20#/f:15#), Partner holds medball overhead
30x Squats, partner holds the bottom of the squat
30x Abmat Situps, partner holds a V-up
30x Wall balls (m:20#/f:15#), partner holds the bottom of the front squat
30x Burpees, partner holds the plank position
400 m run

Monday 10/03/2011

WOD: Below movements for time

50x Sit-ups
50x Double unders
50x Knees to Elbow
50x Walking lunge steps
50x V-ups
50x Burpees
50x Knees to Elbow Plank Position (25 each side)

Saturday 10/01/2011

Team WOD (teams of 5) AMRAP 15 min:

200 meter run (time clock)
Rope climb = 5 pts (modify = 1pt)
Air Squat = 1 Pt
KB Roman twist = 1 Pts (m:35/f:25)
Burpee = 1 Pt

Team with most points wins!!

More details to follow at 11am