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Monthly Archive: March 2012

Tuesday 3/20/2012


Transformation Tour – 11 days remaining Skill: L-sit holds WOD: AMRAP 10 min 10x KBS Snatch left arm (m:55#/f:35#) 20x Sit-ups 10x KBS Snatch right arm 20x V-ups

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Monday 3/19/2012

SlidePic 20120319

Transformation Tour – 12 days remaining Skill: Hang Snatch 5-3-2-2x WOD: 5 rounds for time 10x C2B Pull-ups 9x Burpees 8x OHS (m:115#/f:85#)

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Saturday 3/17/2012


Transformation Tour – 14 days remaining Mainsite WOD 3/11/12: “Michael” 3 Rounds for time 800m run 50 Back Extensions 50 Sit-ups

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Friday 3/16/2012


Transformation Tour – 15 days remaining Strength: OHS  5-3-1-1-1x WOD: 3 rounds for time 21-15-9x SDHP (m:95#/f:65#) 200m run 9-15-21x Ring Dips

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Thursday 3/15/2012


Transformation Tour – 16 days remaining Active Recovery/Rest Day! Make up a missed WOD or practice skill.

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Wednesday 3/14/2012


Transformation Tour – 17 days remaining “Happy Birthday Rad” Skill: Handstand push-ups Rad’s Birthday WOD: For time 26x HSPU 26x DU’s 26x K2E 26x DU’s 26x KBS (m:55#/f:35#) 26x DU’s 26x Burpees 26x DU’s

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Tuesday 3/13/2012


Transformation Tour – 18 days remaining Congrats to all that PR’d their Cleans today!! Over 80% of us PR’d with one that did 20# over his previous max. The Birthday Boy himself “Ian”!! Nice progress all!! Main Site WOD 3/10/2012: “DT” 5 rounds for time 12x Deadlifts (m:155#/f:105#) 9x Power Cleans 6x Push Jerks

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Monday 3/12/2012


Transformation Tour – 19 days remaining Happy Birthday Ian!!! Strength: Clean – 5-3-1-1-1x Ian’s Birthday WOD: For time 400m run 26x Sit-ups 10x OHS (m:95#/f:65#) 26x V-ups 10x OHS 26x Floor wipers 10x OHS 400m run

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Saturday 3/10/2012


Transformation Tour – Day 41 Jason’s Birthday WOD!! Partner WOD: 3 rounds for time 35x KBS (m:55#/f:35#) 35x Med ball sit-ups (m:15#/f:10#) 35x Jumping lunges 35x Mountain Climbers 400m run Share all reps with partner. One works while other rests. Both must run together.

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Friday 3/9/2012


Transformation Tour – Day 40 Skill: Push Press/Jerk CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.3: AMRAP in 18 minutes of 15 Box jumps (m:24″/f:20″) 12 Push press (m:115#/f:75#) 9 Toes-to-bar

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