Friday “CFT” 4/20/2012


CONGRATS to our new CrossFit Level 1 Trainers – Melina, Genie, Ben and Mike S.!!!

Saturday, April 21:

Here we go again, but with a twist!!

This time Transformation Pics + Total PR’s/Goals met = Champion!!

It’s gonna be goooood…

From Saturday, April 21 to Thursday, June 21 (Summer officially begins), CrossFit LIVE will start… an 8 week progam of milestones and challenges to help all members reach their goals with the results of looking and feeling great by summer time!!

For non-members, CF LIVE is offering this same 8 week program for only a month’s rate. For more information, come in and visit and take advantage of a free first-time session or call (213) 293-9348 (XFIT).

WOD: CrossFit Totals (CFT)

Compare to 2/17/2012

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