Saturday “Walt’s Bday WOD” 6/30/2012


  • CFL Beach WOD Party at Huntington Beach. Saturday, July 7 2012
    Beach WOD and Volleyball Potluck style! We will be at the Volleyball area just south of Huntington Beach Pier. Time still to be determined. Stay tuned…

Walt’s Bday Partner WOD: Below for time

31x Hand Release Push-up/Plank hold
31x V-ups/Hollow Core
31x Wall Balls/Half squat hold
31x Back Ext/Superman hold
31x HSPU/HSHold
31x Lunges/OH Weight plate hold (45#/25#)

Partner 1 will perform the movement while partner 2 performs the hold, then they swap until each completes 31 reps. After each partner completes the 31 reps, they will move to the next element until the last element is complete. If one partner rests for the hold, then the other must stop with the repetitions.