Saturday 8/25/2012


    • Battlefit West Competition Event – September 29. Open to all athletes!
      Participants: Don’t forget you have until end of August 26 to post your times!! Qualifier Workout 3: “The Crank” is RELEASED. CrossFit LIVE is one of many gyms that will be hosting the pre-qualifications. For additional information, go to
    • “Partners” Challenge starts August 27!!
      It’s BACK!! From Monday, August 27 to Saturday, October 27, CrossFit LIVE will start an 8 week progam to help all members reach their goals with the results of looking and feeling great before the Holidays!!
      For non-members, CF LIVE is offering this same 8 week program for only a month’s rate. For more information, come visit us and take advantage of a free first-time session or call (213) 293-9348 (XFIT).
      This Challenge will be slightly different from past challenges where this time it will be a partner effort. The two factors that determines the winners are the combined progress of the before and after Pics and WOD’s. At this point, start thinking about who your partner will be. Partners can be same gender or coed. More details to follow.

Partner WOD: AMMAP in 20 minutes

Partner 1 runs 200m while Partner 2 does as many rounds of Mary’s* as possible. Switch after every 200m run until 20 minutes is up.

5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups