Saturday 11/10/2012


  • Punch card membership coming next week!
    CFL will be offering punch cards to both current and new members as a convenience for those with busy schedules that still need to get their WOD fix in. This can also be used as gift cards during the holidays as well for those that may have interests in CrossFit.
  • CrossFit Kids LIVE!
    Reminder – CrossFit Kids LIVE this Saturday. 7 FREE SATURDAY sessions remaining thru December 29 (excluding November 24):
    -Preschool (3-5 years old): 9:30am (20-min session)
    -Kids (6-10 years old): 10:00am (30-min session)
    For additional info, call or email us. Let’s have our kids discover the fun of fitness!
    213.293.9348 (XFIT)

Partner WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes

While one person holds a deadlift* at the top (hang position), their partner completes a round of:

10x Pull-ups
10x Sit-ups
10x Box Jumps (m:24″/f:20″)

*Deadlift weight (m:185#/f:115#)

Once round is completed, partners switch.  Reps can only be executed while the deadlift is locked out at the top of the hang position

[youtube id=”6rSN1VKA24I” w=”420″ h=”420″]

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