Saturday 12/29/2012


  • New Years Week Schedule
    Monday, December 31 = 6am & 7am
    Tuesday, New Years Day = Closed
    Wednesday, January 2 through Friday, January 4 is normal schedule.
  • CrossFit Kids LIVE!
    Reminder – CrossFit Kids LIVE last FREE SATURDAY session tomorrow, December 29:
    -Preschool (3-5 years old): 9:30am (20-min session)
    -Kids (6-10 years old): 10:00am (30-min session)
    For additional info, call or email us. Let’s have our kids discover the fun of fitness!
Partner WOD for time:
50x Thrusters each
400m Weighted BB run (m:115#/f:75#)
25x Push-ups each
400m Weighted BB run
25x Sit-ups each
400m Weighted BB run
25x Pull-ups each
1. Bar must be loaded without bar resting on ground before the first weighted run
2. Barbell must be held at ends of  the bar from the hip during the partner run
3. One person works out at a time
4. Barbell never rests on ground (5 burpees penalty) Allowed only when doing movements
5. For push-ups, plank rests only
6. For sit-ups, anchor feet under plates