Tuesday 1/8/2013


  • CrossFit Kids (CFK)
    Offered every Saturday. See ”Schedule” for session times, and ”Getting Started” for pricing.
  • CFL Paleo Challenge starts January 14!
    This will be a 30-day Paleo Challenge ending on Febuary 12. It will involve 3 catagories. Body Fat Loss, Before & After WOD and Food Log. All based on points. Stay tuned for an email from CFL on the details and how to sign-up.

Strength: Front Squat 5X3 (50% >; 85% of 1RM)
Skill: Hang Clean + Clean & Jerk 7X1 (50% >; 85% of 1RM)

WOD: 20-15-10x of

Thrusters (m:135#/95#)
C2B Pull-ups

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    i miss you all and excited to come back. Please email me the details regarding the paleo challenge (when you send out the email)! i am hoping to start up again in time for the challenge! Chris misses you all too! He will be joining again too 😉

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