Wednesday 2/20/2013


  • No CrossFit Kids this Saturday, Feb. 23!
  • CrossFit Games Open Starts March 6!!
    Register at and let’s build our CFLIVE team! Also, see where you rank in the world as an individual!

Strength: OH squats 5×3 (50% > 80% of 1RM)
Skill: 3-Stop Pull + 1 high Hang Snatch 3×3 (60%, 70% & 80% of 1RM)

WOD: For time

10x HSPU
20x Burpees
30x Mountain Climbers (Each side is 1 rep)
40x Back Extensions
50x Sit-Ups
60x Walking Lunges
50x Sit-Ups
40x Back Extensions
30x Mountain Climbers
20x Burpees
10x HSPU

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