Friday 3/1/2013


  • 3PM Sessions are back starting Monday, March 4!!
    Starting this Monday, we will have 3PM sessions for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Rogue Runner Mud Run!! Saturday, April 27
    Join the CF LIVE! team. Our wave starts at 10am! Sign up by March 15 before the price goes up again! Like it in Facebook and receive a promo discount.
  • CrossFit Games Open Starts March 6!!
    Register at and let’s build our CFLIVE team! Also, see where you rank in the world as an individual!

Strength: Find 1RM Back Squat (15min)
Skill: Practice Kipping/Butterfly Pull-up or Muscle/Bar-up

WOD: For time

Cash-in with 500m row

100x Double-unders
60m Bear Crawl
60m Burpee Broad Jump

75x Double-unders
40m Bear Crawl
40m Burpee Broad Jump

50x Double-unders
20m Bear Crawl
20m Burpee Broad Jump