Saturday 6/1/2013


  • 30-day Get Ready for Summer Paleo Challenge has officially started as of today!
    Good luck to all that participated and congrats to a better and healthier lifestyle!!
  • CFL Beach Party – July 13 , 2013
    Save the date!! To celebrate our Paleo Challenge accomplishment, we will be having our CFL Beach Party on Saturday July 13, 2013. Be prepared to WOD it up on the sand, play flag football, volleyball and more!!
  • NLI Battleground Series I – August 24, 2013
    We already have 4 CFL Athletes competing. Not too late to join or come out and support!!
  • Dynamic Duo Quest Challenge – September 14, 2013
    2 Person Teams -Either 2 males per team or 2 females per team
    2 Divisions – RX and Scaled

Partner WOD: 4 Rounds For time

10x Handstand Push-ups (Partner holds a Sampson Stretch position)
20x Walking Lunges (Partner holds at a mid-squat position)
10x Pistols each leg (Partner holds at a hollow core position)
20x V-ups (Partner holds a plank position)

One partner does movement while other partner holds the specified position. Partners must rest togther if one cant perform movement or hold position.

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