Tuesday 10/1/2013


  • New Thursday schedule!
    New Thursday hours are now 4PM to 7PM 
  • Come out and support Nathan at next months Teen Gauntlet!
    On Sunday, October 13, Nathan will be competing at The Teen Gauntlet at Carlsbad CrossFit. More details to follow.  
  • NLI Battleground Series II – October 26, 2013
    Our own Ben and Eric will be competing at the next NLI Competition. Save the date and go out to show your support!!
  • Great News!! CFL is now a reseller for Reebok CrossFit Gear
    Come check out what’s new for 2013 Fall/Winter & 2014 Spring/Summer!!
  • Strength: Hang Clean + Clean & Jerk 7×1 @ 50% > 70% of 1RM of C&J)
    Skill: Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups or Muscle/Bar-ups

    WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes 

    5x Bear complex (m:95#/f:65#)
    -1x Power Clean
    -1x Front Squat
    -1x Push Press
    -1x Back Squat
    -1x Push Press (behind neck)

    10x Lateral BB Burpees

    20x Double-unders


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