Saturday 11/30/2013


  • The Goals Challenge:
    Goals Challenge winners will be announced on Monday at 6pm!!
  • No 5:30pm Session on Monday, Dec. 2
  • NLI Battleground Series IIIDecember 14, 2013
    Come out and support our athletes on Saturday, Dec. 14!! We have 7 confirmed to compete from CFL.
  • Great News!! CFL is now a reseller for Reebok CrossFit Gear
    Come check out what’s new for 2013 Fall/Winter & 2014 Spring/Summer!!

Team of 5 WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes

50 yard Farmers carry (m:55#/f:35#) – Clock rotation
Ring dips
Goblet Squats
Wall-balls (m:20#/f:15#)