Wednesday 1/29/2014


  • Transformation Challenge has officially started on Monday, January 27! Good luck everyone!!
  • NLI Competition Series #1 – February 8, 2014
    Registration is still open. Our own Joseph will be competing so come out and support!!

    Back Squat & Deadlifts 5-3-1x (5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% of 1RM)WOD: For time50x Double-unders
    45x Squats
    40x Hand Release Push-Ups
    35x V-Ups
    30x Jumping Squats
    25x Toes to Bar
    20x Handstand Push-Ups
    15x Burpees
    10x Muscle-Ups (mod. 20 Ring Rows and Ring Dips)