Friday 2/21/2014


  • The 2014 CrossFit Games start February 27!
    The CrossFit Games start February 27. If you haven’t already, sign-up and see where you stand with others around the world. In addition, representing CFL with your strengths and skills will help us create a stronger team.

Overhead squat 3×5 (5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85% of 1RM)
Snatch Balance 3×5 (5@50%, 5@60%, 5@70% of 1RM)

WOD: Crossfit Games Open 13.1

AMRAP in 17 Minutes

40x Burpees
30x Snatches (m:75#/f:45#)
30x Burpees
30x Snatches (m:135#/f:75#)
20x Burpees
30x Snatches (m:165#/f:100#)
10x Burpees
AMRAP Snatches (m:210#/f:120#)