Saturday 3/1/2014


  • No CrossFit Kids this Saturday, March 1.
  • Transformation Challenge – Only 12 days left!!
    Closing WOD’s for the Transformation challenge are posted here. This gives you a chance to prepare to beat your before WOD by the biggest margin possible. Not much time left so you better start working on how you’re going to better your time or reps! You can perform your closing WOD anytime between March 12-19.
  • The 2014 CrossFit Games start February 27!
    The CrossFit Games started February 27, but you still have time to join! You have up until this Monday by 5pm PST to sign-up and submit your scores for WOD 14.1.

Team of 5 WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes

30m Bear crawl (clock rotation)
Farmers DB Hold Lunges (m:35#/f:20#)*
Knees to elbows
Row for calories
Ring dips

*Note: Dumbells cannot be dropped and must be handed to your partner. If dropped, 5 burpee penalty on the spot for the person who dropped dumbell.