Tuesday 4/22/2014


  • No 7PM Session this Friday, April 25.
  • Box closed this Saturday, April 26 for NLI Competition.
  • Yoga At The Box!! – Starting April 17
    We will have yoga at the box every Thursday at 6pm and Sunday at 12noon. Great way to spend your rest days so don’t miss out.
  • Turf Wars 2 + Kids Competition – April 26
    We are happy to announce that we have 11 athletes that will be competing in the NLI Turf War 2 + Kids Competition. Venue will only be a few blocks away at Cerritos College. So if not as a competitor, come out and support the CFL Team!!
  • 2014 Get Ready For Summer (GRFS) Team Challenge – April 28 to June 20
    This Team Challenge will be divided into four teams which will consist of 8 members
    each. 4 Girls and 4 Guys (2 Newbie girls and 2 Newbie guys and 2 Seasoned girls and
    2 seasoned guys). Each team will be led by 2 CFL Coach’s and a delegate.Once we have reached 32 contestants, they will be randomly picked by the coach’s to create their teams.

1. The buy-in for this challenge is $25 which will go toward the pot prize and a Team T-Shirt.
2. This Challenge will be judged on 5 weekly WODs. Each WOD will be ranked based on the times or rounds/reps for each individual then as a team aggregate score.
3. This is an 8 week Challenge that will begin Monday, April 28, and will end Friday, June 20.
4. Participants will have between April 14 – 23 to sign-up.
5. The teams will be selected on April 26 after the NLI Competition at the box (cfLIVE Draft “Potluck” Night)

Each team will have from April 28 to May 16 (3 weeks) to train and prepare for the unknown.

All training regimen and programming will be the same for all teams. Contestants that deviate from the agreed training/programming will be disqualified as well as for his/her respective team.

Starting May 19 every Monday, for the next 5 weeks, a WOD will be posted for each team member to perform before the following Friday. All times or Rounds/Reps for each team will be aggregated and ranked. The team ranked the highest by the end of 5 weeks/WODs will be declared the winner. All 5 WODs will be designed to accommodate both newbie and seasoned athletes.

Winners will be announced at the beach party on Saturday, June 21.

So, be sure to sign-up as soon as you can! It will be a fun 8 weeks!! Look for the sign-up forms at the box or download from here.

Skill: Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups & Pistols (20 minutes)

WOD: “Mary”

AMRAP in 20 Minutes

5x Handstand Push-ups
10x 1-legged Squat (alternating pistols)
15x Pull-ups