Thursday 4/24/2014


  • Yoga for this Thursday is back on!!
  • No 7PM Session this Friday, April 25.
  • Box closed this Saturday, April 26 for Turf Wars 2 Competition.
  • 2014 Get Ready For Summer (GRFS) Team Challenge – Draft Day Saturday!!
    Draft day will be on Saturday, April 26 around 7pm after the NLI Competition. It’s potluck so bring a dish/drink to share.
  • Yoga At The Box!! – Starting April 17
    We will have yoga at the box every Thursday at 6pm and Sunday at 12noon. Great way to spend your rest days so don’t miss out.
  • Turf Wars 2 + Kids Competition – April 26
    With a beautiful weather forecast of 70deg, let’s cheer on our athletes this Saturday at NLI’s Turf Wars 2 Competition!! It will be held just a few blocks from the box at Cerritos College.

    Event #1/Event #2
    Carolyn Monzon: Heat 2 (8:16am)/Heat 4 (12:15pm)

    Ren Augustin: Heat 3 (8:32am)/Heat 7 (12:30pm)
    Liz Mejia: Heat 4 (8:48am)/Heat 9 (12:40pm)
    Natalie Antolin: Heat 5 (9:04am)/Heat 10 (12:45pm)
    Sandra Reyes: Heat 5 (9:04am)/Heat 12 (12:55pm)
    Sonia Cabral: Heat 5 (9:04am)/Heat 12 (12:55pm)
    Jason Garrido: Heat 13 (11:12am)/Heat 31 (2:30pm)
    Christian Aguirre: Heat 17 (12:16pm)/Heat 43 (3:30pm)
    Joseph Gonzalez: Heat 17 (12:16pm)/Heat 42 (3:25pm)
    Eric Gardea: Heat 18 (12:32pm)/Heat 45 (3:40pm)
    Vic Ng: Heat 21 (1:20pm)/Heat 54 (4:25pm)

    Teen Beast League
    Nathan Andres
    Event 1: Heat 2 (9:25am)
    Event 2: Heat 12 (11:48am)
    Event 3: Heat 12 (1:58pm)

  • Active Recovery/Rest Day!

    Make up a missed WOD or practice technique/skill and/or goals (4pm to 6pm).

    Yoga (6pm to 7pm).

    Below is a map of Cerritos College. We’ll set up our tent in the back at the Affiliates Area.