Sunday 10/26/2014


  • Femme Royale Competition – October 25
    Congrats to Melina and Carolyn Carles for doing a great job at yesterday’s competition. It was a combination effort from two CF families. Both CF Live and Torrance CF joined and did an awesome job not mention they came first in Best Costume!!
  • 4th Annual Halloween Bash at the box!! – Saturday, November 1
    We’ll be having our 4th Annual Halloween Bash Saturday, November 1, so start getting creative and start looking for that costume!! Prize goes to the best costume and demonstration to the individual or group. It will be potluck so bring a dish and drinks to share!!
  • New Schedule for the next 4 weeks – October 1 thru October 27
    Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 5:30 Sessions are back to being On-ramp classes.
  • NLI The Final Series 3 – Saturday, December 13
    This will be the final competition of the NLI Series. Sign up before the spots are filled up!!. It will be held at Cerritos College.

Active Recovery/Rest Day!

Make up a missed WOD or practice technique/skill and/or goals (10am to 1pm)