Tuesday 12/23/2014


  • Holiday Challenge
    Let’s congratulate Nelly, Melanie L., Ryan & Juan for winning the Holiday Challenge! After 8 weeks of hard training and the discipline of clean eating, they have done what it takes to win this event in their respective groups.

    Seasoned Members Group:
    Muscle gain= 6.75 lbs
    Fat loss= 5.75 lbs
    Fat% loss= 3.8%
    WOD= +27 reps

    Muscle gain= 1.55 lbs
    Fat loss= 8.75 lbs
    Fat% loss= 3.3%
    WOD= +34 reps

    New Members Group:
    Melanie L.:
    Muscle gain= 7.05 lbs
    Fat loss= 5.85 lbs
    Fat% loss= 4%
    WOD= +28 reps

    Muscle gain= 2.75 lbs
    Fat loss= 4.95 lbs
    Fat% loss= 2.7%
    WOD= -3:21 seconds

  • Christmas week schedule December 22-26
    Monday – no 6pm session (Challenge announcement)
    Tuesday – no change
    Wednesday – 6am & 7am sessions only
    Thursday (Christmas Day) – closed
    Friday – 10am session only

Skin the cat
GHD Sit-ups

WOD: For time

12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1x of

Burpee Box Jumps
Wipers on Pull-up bars (each wipe is 1 rep)