Saturday 2/28/2015


  • CrossFit Games Open Open starts Feb 26!!
    This is the last week to sign-up! March 2 @ 5pm PST is the hard deadline where you must register and submit 15.1. This year there will be scaled versions of the Open workouts and a chance for our 14 – 17 year old teens to make it to the Teenage Division in the Open.
    Click here or on the left pane to register.

WOD: For time

Partner WOD: For time
Partners share reps but double-unders are done individually.

20x HSPU
40x DB Shoulder to OH (m:35#/f:20#)
50x Double-unders
60x V-ups
70x Russian Twists w/ Medball
50x Double-unders
80x Jumping squats
90x Goblet squats (m:55#/f:35#)
50x Double-unders