Friday 4/24/2015


  • Change of Schedule – Box Closed this Saturday, April 25.
  • Dodger CrossFit Night Friday, May 1 @ 7pm
    Friendly reminder that the Dodgers are opening the season by hosting the Arizona Diamondbacks for the 1st Annual Dodger CrossFit Night!! If you haven’t already, buy your ticket and CFL baseball shirt so you can showcase our CFL pride! You will be accompanied by 50+ other CFL family members in our own designated seating along with other Crossfitters in the community. They will closeout the game with a display of Fireworks so don’t miss out on this annual event. Still not too late to join… checkout the whiteboard at the box and buy your ticket and CFL baseball Tee.
  • NLI Classic May 16, 2015
    The NLI Classic is a small one-off competition, to a 3-event series competition held twice a year, to its new current format of a single day, stand-alone event. Click here to register.
  • Deadly Duo Competition May 30, 2015
    This one day competition consists of three total workouts that are guaranteed to challenge you mentally and physically. Athletes will be able to complete either as Prescribed or Intermediate.The top Male and Female team for Prescribed & Intermediate will win a CASH prize and runner-up Male and Female teams will win prize bags courtesy of our vendors.Click here for registration and additional information. 

    Citizens Crossfit

    4130 E. La Palma Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92807

Skill: Handstand push-ups
Strength: Power Clean – 4×3 (60%-65%-70%-80% of C&J)

WOD: “Annie’s Snatch” for time

50x Double-unders
50x Sit-ups
1x Full Snatch (m:135#/f:95#)
40x Double-unders
40x Sit-ups
2x Full Snatches
30x Double-unders
30x Sit-ups
3x Full Snatches
20x Double-unders
20x Sit-ups
4x Full Snatches
10x Double-unders
10x Sit-ups
5x Full Snatches


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