Monday 6/1/2015


  • Change of schedule for this Saturday June 6, 2015
    Box will be closed for the Spring Fling competition (See below).
  • Spring Fling Competition June 6, 2015
    Come out and support Theresa & Joonee, Melina & Nate and Celina & Ben as they compete in this partner coed event. For more information click here.

    CrossFit Vibe
    2925 Airway Ave., Unit B.
    Costa Mesa, CA. 92626.

Skill: Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups
Strength: Snatch Deadlift – 4×3 (70%-80%-90%-100% of Snatch)

WOD: For time

10x Deadlifts (m:135#/f:95#)
10x Double-unders
100m Sprint
20x Deadlifts
20x Double-unders
200m Sprint
30x Deadlifts
30x Double-unders
300m Sprint
40x Deadlifts
40x Double-unders
400m Run