Sunday 6/28/2015


  • Box will be closed this Saturday for Fourth of July July 4, 2015

  • 2015 Get Ready for Summer Challenge!!

    Results of WOD #1a, WOD#1b and current overall team standings.


    Partner WOD #2: 2 Rounds for time

    One round consist of the following:
    Partner “A” will perform a weighted carry (RX:45#/25# or Int:35#/15# plate) at a 100m mark, leave plate and sprint back. During this time, Partner “B” will perform 25 Wall balls (RX:20#/15# or Int:15#/10#).

    Once the partners complete both the weighted run and wall balls they will switch…

    Partner “B” will then sprint to the 100m mark and bring back the plate. During this time, Partner “A” will perform 25 Wall balls.

Active Recovery/Rest Day! Make up a missed WOD or practice technique/skill and/or goals (10am to 1pm).


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