Tuesday 6/30/2015


  • Box will be closed this Saturday for Fourth of July July 4, 2015

  • 2015 Get Ready for Summer Challenge!!

    Partner WOD #3:

    Part A:
    Max airdyne calories in 3 minutes
    (partition calories as needed – One works at a time)

    Rest 2 minutes

    Part B:
    AMRAP in 10 minutes (partition reps as needed – one works at a time)

    12x Pull-ups (Intermediate female 24x jumping pull-ups. Pull-up bar level is at middle of forearm)
    9x Cleans (Rx:135#/75# or Intermediate:95#/55#)
    6x Shoulder to Overhead (Rx:135#/75# or Intermediate:95#/55#)
    2x Rope Climbs (One Intermediate male team & Intermediate female team does rope lowers)

Skill:Kip/Butterfly Pull-ups

WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes

10x Toes to bar
15x Box jumps (m:24″/f:20#)
20x V-ups
30x Double-unders


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