Friday 7/24/2015


  • Femme Royale Competition Saturday, August 8 2015.
    Come and support Carolyn and Theresa as they compete together in the next Femme Royale Competition. It will be hosted by Redwolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach.

    Redwolf CrossFit
    7383 Harriman Circle
    Huntington Beach

  • CFL Annual Beach/Anniversary Party!! Saturday, August 15 2015.
    Location will be at Bolsa Chica State Beach Tower 21 next to the basketball courts. Plan on being there at 10am.

Jerk behind the neck – 75% (of C&J) x3x5
Push Press – 75% (of Strict Press) x5x2, 80%x5x2
Jerk Dip Squat – 85% (of C&J) x5x3

WOD: As Many Total Reps as Possible of

AMRAP in 1 minute of Clean & Jerk (m:135#/f:95#)
rest 1 minute
AMRAP in 1 minute of Back squat
rest 1 minute
AMRAP in 1 minute of Snatch balances
rest 1 minute
AMRAP in 1 minute of Snatches


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