Friday 10/28/2016


  • Change of schedule on Monday, Halloween.
    There will not be a 6:30pm session on Monday, Halloween day.
  • 2016 Year-end Transformation Challenge – Officially has started (Oct 3)!!
    This Challenge will consist of men and women divisions. All participants are encouraged to work with any of the coaching staff when available. This competition will be based on the before and after InBody Scans to measure fat and muscle percentages.An InBody scan is a 5-7 minute process that doesn’t involve water dunking and is used in the sports industry such as the Los Angeles Lakers.

    See videos below:
    Composition Analysis
    Result Sheet Interpretation
    InBody BIA Technology

    The scoring system is devised to make the competition fairer to all participants. By judging the amount of change (in lean or fat) in comparison to their starting level, this will allow all
    participants to be judged in a similar fashion. One winner for the men division and one winner for the women division.For additional information, click below.
    Paleo Tips
    Paleo Food Guide

Strength: Clean & Jerk Max

WOD part 1: AMRAP in 5 minutes

Calorie row (m:50/f:45), then as many double-unders as possible for the remaining 5 minutes.

rest 1 minute

WOD part 2: AMRAP in 5 minutes

10 Shoulders to Overhead (m:135#/f:85#)
20 V-ups