Friday 11/18/2016


  • 2016 Year-end Transformation Challenge – Officially the last day!
    That is it! Congrats to all the participated! Give yourselves a big pat on your shoulder. Results will be announced Monday at 6pm.
  • Schedule for Thanksgiving week:
    Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving Day: Closed.
    Friday, November 25: One session at 11am.
  • CFL Christmas Pajama Party – Saturday, December 17 at 11am
  • Schedule for Christmas week:
    Saturday, December 24 – Christmas Eve: Closed.
    Sunday, December 25 – Christmas Day: Closed.

Skill: Muscle-ups

Back Squat – 60% 3 x 8

WOD: AMRAP in 12 minutes

4x Muscle-ups
8x Front squats (m:155#/f:105#)
16x V-ups