Friday 5/26/2017


    • Change of schedule. – Sunday, May 28 & Memorial Day, May 29 
      Sunday, May 28 – Box closed
      Memorial Day, May 29 – 10am to 12pm

    • The Get Ready for Summer Challenge (GRFS) Challenge is here! – Monday, April 24 to Friday, June 16
      The Get Ready For Summer Challenge has officially started! This will be the biggest group we’ve ever had. Approximately of over 35 participants. Good luck to all!.
    • SAVE THE DATE for The Annual Beach Party – Saturday, June 17 at 10am
      Our annual beach party will be on Saturday, June 17 the day after our challenge ends. It will be at the same place at Bolsa Chica tower 21. Bring a dish and drinks to share. Best to be there early as possible because parking goes fast.
    • CF Games Workout 17.5 is done and the 2017 Open is officially in the books!!
      Congrats to all that has joined the CF Open! 

      Open (Feb 23 – March 27)
      Regionals (May 19 – June 4)
      Games (Aug 1 – 6)

Snatch pull 4×3 @85%
Hang snatch 2×2 @60%, 2×2 @65%

WOD: AMRAP in 12 minutes

Snatch Complex

9x Snatch (wide) grip Deadlifts (115#/75#)
6x Hang Power Snatches
3x Snatch Balances
1x Hang Snatch

Can’t drop bar. If dropped, entire round is lost. Deadlifts must be touch-n-go. Bar can be dropped after hang snatch.

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