Wednesday 7/26/2017


  • CF Games Workout 17.5 is done and the 2017 Open is officially in the books!!
    Congrats to all that has joined the CF Open!

    Games (Aug 1 – 6)

  • 2017 Goals Challenge – July 21 to September 15
    This is a 7 week individual challenge that is based on a point system depending on which goal(s) you achieve. There are no limits to how many goals you can achieve; nor any are mandatory, but they must be completed before the end of the Challenge. The goals can be chosen in different ways, such as PR max weight, max reps, first successful attempt, PR time or reps/time in Benchmark WODs. Everyone is encouraged to consult with a trainer on a plan that would best achieve their goals.

    Athletes from each Division with the most points by the end of Friday, September 15 will be declared the winner.

    YOU WILL HAVE UP UNTIL FRIDAY, JULY 28, TO SIGN-UP. The sign-up sheet will be on the actual leaderboard posted on the whiteboard.

  • Skill:
    Backsquat 3×8 @60%

    WOD: For time

    200m run
    12 Power snatches (135#/85#)
    400m run
    9 Power snatches
    600m run
    7 Power snatches

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