Friday 7/28/2017


  • Change of schedule this Sunday – July 30
    This Sundays open box schedule will be 12PM to 2PM.

  • 2017 Goals Challenge – July 21 to September 15
    The 2017 Goals Challenge has officially started!! Let’s all train hard and smart and focus on pushing ourselves to smash our PRs and goals!! We got this!!
  • CF Games Workout 17.5 is done and the 2017 Open is officially in the books!!
    Congrats to all that has joined the CF Open!

    Games (Aug 1 – 6)

  • Skill: Max Double-unders in 1 minute

    Push jerk 3×4 @65% of C&J
    Snatch high-pull 3×3 @70% of snatch

    WOD: “Karen”

    150 Wall balls for time (20#/15#)

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