About Us

CrossFit LIVE is a fitness family of focused individuals determined to achieve a stronger, healthier lifestyle. Our training staff is dedicated to help members in setting and achieving new fitness goals throughout their journey at CrossFit LIVE. Our box is just that, a training box. There are no mirrors along the walls, no weighing scales, no fancy exercise equipment; just a humble and encouraging training facility that provides only the necessary tools to deliver the greatest measurable and feel-good results. Members will see their bodies transform through consistent commitment in our program. CrossFit LIVE facilitates all levels of individuals regardless of their fitness level. All workouts are designed for scalability, which makes this type of fitness application perfect for anyone from students, seniors, home makers, and money makers; to athletes, military, law enforcement, and fire fighters. Achieve your own peak fitness ability. If you are ready to be challenged at CrossFit LIVE and join our family, expect to work hard, sweat, and feel the pain of the most satisfying workouts one must experience to truly understand and appreciate. LIVE for life!