Brandon Lillard standing on a trail to the beach with his short board.

Overcoming Obstacles In and Out of the Gym
Written by C.J. Martin, Video by One Potato Productions

Meet Invictus member Brandon Lillard. Brandon is an incredible person who has lived more in his years on the earth than most twice his age. Brandon embodies the Invictus mindset. He is unconquerable because he chooses to be the master of his fate. Brandon is not defined by the circumstances that have landed him in the hospital repeatedly, but rather by his indomitable spirit that has allowed him to bounce back every time better than he was before.

This is what we stand for. Invictus is not about athletic performance; Invictus is a mindset that says we can accomplish anything, and we will not be deterred on our path to realizing our goals. The gym is where we get to practice this discipline and mental fortitude.

Huge thank you to Invictus members Greg and Erin Whitely (Cheer; Last Chance U; Wrestlers) for putting together this amazing video, and of course to Brandon for inspiring us all with his refusal to settle, and dogged pursuit to be the best version of himself regardless of the circumstances.


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Rune Refshøj
Rune Refshøj
February 9, 2016 7:25 am

Pretty sure this is Bradley Cooper!?

Alyssa Christian
Alyssa Christian
January 18, 2016 3:03 pm

So awesome!

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