Identifying Your “Why” for a Goal
Written by Fritz Nugent

When I talk to people about their goals, the conversation often goes like this:

Client: “I want X, Y, and Z, and also Q, R, S, and I want it by next week.”
Me: “Are you sure that’s what you want?”
Client: “Yes, and also I want some other stuff, too.”
Me: “Ok…In order to reach your goals, you will need to…” (and I list out a bunch of new 
habits that the client will need to understand, embrace, implement, practice, and ingrain over the next few months)

And then, almost without fail, the client says this next:

Client: “I can’t do all that because of A, B, C…” (and they list out all the reasons why they are unable to do any of the things that they need to do to reach their goals)

This used to confuse and surprise me. When I was a young coach, it even pissed me off!  Now I know better. And after reading this, hopefully you’ll know better, too.

People, myself included, are resistant to change. Change is hard. It takes extra energy. It takes planning. And most importantly, it takes consistency to create meaningful and lasting change in our HABITS

Your “Why” When it Comes to Goals

You (once again, yes, you, not some other you) are capable of this, IF: the reason behind your goal’s WHY is strong enough to drive you through the tough times, those days where you don’t want to eat well, or work out, or get out of bed, or get in the ice bath, or go on the run.

Using a Coach to Reach Your Goals

It also helps to have a plan and a coach that you believe in, and a coach that believes in you

As your coach, it is the distinguished honor of my career to help you. Together we can seek challenging AND achievable goals for your quest. I provide you with support, direction, and accountability along the way. You are the hero in your story. I want to be your supporting cast.

Here’s Help for Identifying Your Why for a Goal

Need help with goal setting? Identifying your “why” is one of the first exercises in the Invictus Goal Setting Workbook! Download your FREE copy to get started toward your goal today!

Invictus Goal Setting Guide

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