Masters athlete Jenn Short gets ready to take on an event at the 2022 Legends Championship.

Invictus Is Rolling Deep at the Legends Championship
Written by Kelly Sekulovski

On December 7-10th, Masters athletes from across the world will gather at Arizona State University for the 2023 Legends Championship. While many competitions include masters divisions, not many competitions are dedicated entirely to masters athletes. This is a huge reason why the CrossFit Games decided to partner with Legends in the 2024 season for a new format in the Masters season. 

CrossFit Invictus will be showing up at Legends in a big way this week. With 30 athletes competing across individual and team divisions, the Invictus Masters community will make up a large portion of the athletes competing. This group is composed of local athletes that attend CrossFit Invictus locations, and also remote athletes who follow Invictus competitor programs. 

“I am looking forward to watching our Masters athletes take on the Legends Championship,” said Nichole Kribs, Invictus Masters Head Coach. “They’ve been putting in a lot of hard work and it’s time to cap off the year with a great competition showcasing their hard work”

Join us in wishing good luck to all of our Invictus Athletes competing, including: 

  • Aida Koepplinger (Women 45-49) 
  • Alistair Morrison (Men 40-44)
  • Bev LaBonte (Women 65+)
  • Bret Kurihara
  • Collette Cowan (Women 55-59)
  • Gina Cacchiotti-Wellner (Women 55-59)
  • Jenn Ryan (35-44 Team Mad Apple Masters)
  • Jenn Short (Women 45-49)
  • Kelvin Minefee (Men 55-59)
  • Kim Trupp (35-44 Team Havoc)
  • Kisha Carr (35-44 Team Mad Apple Masters)
  • Kristin Johnson (45+ Team Here 4 The Swag)
  • Litsa Olsson (Women 60-64)
  • Lon Allen (45+ Team Here 4 The Swag)
  • Marion Craig (Women 60-64)
  • Mark Ziolkowski (Men 55-59)
  • Michael Paesano (Men 50-54)
  • Miki Shelton (45+ Team Here 4 The Swag)
  • Nicole Devine (Women 55-59)
  • Randy Colon (45+ Team Old Dirty Masters)
  • Rick Stevenson (45+ Team Brestack of Champions)
  • Tammy Joaquin (Women 55-59)
  • Tanya Allina (Women 50-54)
  • Taylor Cooley 
  • Tony Gulotta (Scaled Men 55-59)
  • and more!

Tune in to the leaderboard throughout the weekend to see how the Invictus crew is doing! 

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December 8, 2023 10:35 am

Wow that’s quite a team!!

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